Friday, March 12, 2010

Rainy my baby!

Rainy is my baby and he is so lovable when he can get close to me. Moe the Mexican hot dog is so jealous he'll jump off the couch with Mom to chase Rainy away from me. Rainy will sneak up on the bed about 2 AM and tap me on the cheek to let me know he wants to cuddle.
I've had a busy week and I've made over 40 cards most of them Quilt cards for Operation Write Home. We're having a Blog Hop on the 20th of March hopefully you'll all stop by and check us out. Ok I will take pictures tomorrow and do a big post!
God bless you all and have a wonderful weekend.


Deedee Anderson said...

WOW -- 40 cards? Yes, I'd say that's a busy week!! I can't wait to see some of what you made. Oh, and Rainy is adorable -- isn't it wonderful to have such a loving friend (even if he does make Moe jealous -- LOL)? Hugs to you!

Kajikit said...

What a cute kitty you have... :)