Tuesday, March 2, 2010

In like a Lion.......Out like a lamb

Well they say In like a Lion (it snowed here from 4 AM till 2PM) we got about 2 inches of snow and then it was rain. So March 2 shows me it came in like a roar and it will be ending a beautiful spring day. I sure hope so I am so tired of this weather, its so gloomy and nasty. Needless to say I just played a slug all day made this inchie card (simple simple), then used my Copic's to color my capri shell thingie I'll take a picture of it tomorrow and post it. Just don't feel like doing much: not into reading, coloring, I so thought I would get a rise out of someone when I made the Tess Design book, not a word. I feel like I'm talking to myself here and I know thats not true because of the hit meter but hey who am I anyway?
Tomorrow I need to work on a couple swaps I got into, I finished one today but haven't figured out what to do about the ATC swap yet.
Have a good evening friends, God Bless.


Sandy said...

I like how simple the card is but yet very pretty! Sometime the simple cards make the best ones.

Martha said...

This is just beautiful! I love sunny cards.