Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lean on me

Yep, you can always lean on me. People say I have a huge heart and big shoulders maybe that's why I was a Critical Incident counselor for 15 years with the Police Department before I retired. I love people and I was always there for anyone that needed to talk. Some of the things you see while on patrol, it stays with you forever so you need to get it off your chest and know that your not the only one dealing with it. I have tons of acquaintances but only a few true friends, its takes a special person to be a true friend. Do you have what it takes to be that special friend? Everyone needs a true friend to Lean on.

God Bless,



Sandy said...

We all do need a true friend to lean on and I love how your card! Such an adorable image!

Chris said...

You are awesome to do what you did! I also think this is a very cute card.

Karen said...

Such a super cute card!! Love this image - need to dig out my stamp and make some cards now that you helped me remember that I have it. :)