Monday, September 28, 2009

Spruce up!

Wow today I was so busy making cards and having a blast in my studio. I started early at about 10:30 and I finished my tin to hold my Big Shot dies I love this paper from SU and I love Fall so this was perfect to get me started making fall cards.

Oh but fix your Studio for the Big Shot and all the fixin's so I made a sign to go with my Magnetic board I picked up at Big Lots Saturday. My stupid wall won't accept the magnetic tape that I put up, oh it set fine for Becky when she put it there but anyway after numerous attempts to hang the tape up I finally bought this board for a mere $5.00 and it will work just fine, now just to get the Nestabilities to go on them.
God Bless you all for reading and commenting on my Blog, love ya!!!


Kimmiek said...

reminds me of Billy Joel singing.."oh u had to be a BIG SHOT didn't ya.. had to up your mouth!!

Becky in East Tennessee said...

Hmmm...very inventive you are!