Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Caffeine & Friends...the perfect blend!

Yep I'm a coffee person as a matter of fact its 87 degrees outdoors but I'm sitting here enjoying my evening cup of coffee with French Vanilla added. Now I have always taken my coffee black for some 40 years or more but about two years ago my brother introduced me to favored creamers and although I've tried a few I only like FV. So to me coffee cards are perfect and these images are from SNS. The cardstock is SU and the DSP is K & Co. and the pretty ribbon on the bottom of the card is Michael's dollar specials.
My second card is SU cardstock with TAC DSP and the darling circle salutation is from Justrite Stamping. Love the browns and oranges because fall is finally on the way and I'm so very happy. I love fall its the prettiest time of the year and brings on the holidays this year I will be more thankful for all my blessings and especially thankful for more time with my daughter Vicki.
God bless you all.


Sandy said...

Wow! You are on a roll! I too love my evening coffee. I just can't drink it too late or it keeps me awake. I don't like decaf... I want the real stuff!

Two beautiful cards!!!

Micki said...

Believe it or not but if I drink coffee (and I love coffee)in the afternoon or evenings, it makes me very, very sleepy. I'm talking lethargic.... yeah, I'm backwards. Love the cards! Oh and I love the smell of fresh brewed coffee, reminds me of my grandmother's & aunt's house in Germany. 3pm every afternoon, coffee & sweets.

Michelle said...

Great coffee cards! I like how the colors you used match the coffee cups and other images. The second card kind of has a vintage look to it. Beautiful!

Becky in East Tennessee said...

ROFLOLPMP, caffine---a vitamin! I love it!