Monday, September 14, 2009

Rainy's been at it again

Rainy my cat has been at it again, he loves to design with Fiber (if you saw a previous post with his Christmas deco) somehow I locked him in my Studio for a few hours and he explored everything and found a way into the fiber drawer. Well this is how well he decorated and it made me laugh with all that has been going on so that was worth it.

I'll post my cards I made today in a short bit.
God Bless


Sandy said...

UGH! I'd hate to have to have to rewind that mess! Rainy definitely had a BALL!!!

Micki said...

lol, uhh ohhh bad kitty, lol. Only at my house it's the youngest grandchild, lol.

Michelle said...

That's so funny! (though maybe not to you since you have to clean it up). I noticed the yarn looks like it's in the shape of a house :) The roof has a tall peak on the right side and there's even a window. You have one talented kitty cat! :)

Becky in East Tennessee said...

WOOHOOOO! Thats my little man!!