Saturday, September 19, 2009

Perking me UP!

What happened to the color in this? Its so pretty with the Copic markers Y32, YR65 & BG72 on Basic Gray DSP and Pumpkin Pie cs. I made my bow with the cool dowels and it makes them perfect every time. Now I want to slip in something right here....Becky if your reading this you better make a comment cause I don't believe you read each post. I really need reassurance that what I'm doing is good or I'll quit and you don't really want me to quit do you?

Ok all is well here as I sit here this evening, I'm really getting bored with all the rain and more rain oh and then they are predicting more rain all next week. Geez that sure will get a woman depressed, I don't mind rain we need it but I live in the southeast not the northwest. I don't know how people can stand living where it rains all the time. The only thing good about it is I can't mow the lawn but if and when I do I'll be able to bale hay, to bad I don't have horses anymore.

Well guess I'll close for the night but before I go I want to thank each and everyone of you that said prayers for my daughter Vicki. She really is a big part of my life and I thank God each day for answering all our prayers to save her life. God bless you all.


Sandy said...

This is a great card! I love the sentiment with the set. Who is the set by? You know, sometimes my yellow and oranges don't photograph great. Don't know why but I don't get the vibrant colors. Maybe they'd be better outside. Okay, you can't in the rain but I'm just thinking here!

Anonymous said...

i love how your bow turned out! this rain is getting me depressed...we haven't had sunshine in days and being sick with this weather is just no fun at all! so glad that vicki is doing better & i continue to pray for her as well as you too!!

Becky in East Tennessee said...

Gosh, I think its beautiful there, and you say its washed out. WOW! Girl you are soooo talented. I am so glad that Vick is on her way to recovery. May the good Lord continue to bless you all.

Kimmiek said...

This is adorable.

The set & the background papers..

I think you sent me a pack of the very same papers.
I love them, use some & hoard some.
I actually got some of the same exact papers from Rainy as well!!
Your cards are great.
Do you ever enter them in any magazines?
I bet you'd have a lot of winners!

Kimmiek said...

Still praying for Vickie & her entire family of course.
I am so glad her kids are big enough and old enough to run the household for her & help her and their Dad..
Your Yeehaw card is so FUN!! as well.