Monday, February 28, 2011

Rainbow Bridge & Rainy

Yesterday Rainy my very special buddy my cat who thought he was a dog, was brutally malled by three neigborhood dogs extremely early in the morning. I heard a ruckas outside at 6:30 to see what was happening but when I got there he was already dead. I picked him up brought him in, then I got dressed so I could bury him properly.
I got Rainy 4 years ago while visiting my brother. Rainy was 3 weeks old and he met me once, then later that afternoon he trecked over 1000 feet through rainy, winds and a tornado to get to us at the house. Soaked I took him in and dried him off, each time I put him down he would climb over the box or whatever to get to me. I'd never wanted a cat nor cared about cats but Rainy won me over. Mom and I laughed at him constantly he was fearlessly independant and brought sunshine to my life. We had two dogs so he actually thought dogs were cool and he learned to be like them playing with them all the time. I took him in an had him fixed and found out that his jaw had been broken but had healed crooked, the vet said he would be fine like that. He came when I called him, he sat up on his back end for treats, he loved the lazer light, he went to the door when he wanted out, he stood on his hind legs and padded (knocked) the door to come in, if I didn't come right away he'd go around the side of the house and knock on that window to get my attention, if and when I still didn't come he would lay down at the door and wait for me. He didn't sit on your lap nor did he want to be picked up but in the middle of the night he always came and laid beside me and rub my face with his paw to wake me up then purrrrrrrr while I scratched, rubbed, petted him for 10 minutes. Sometimes he stayed there or came back later but usually he loved to lay on my feet till 5:30 when he started meowing to be let outside. If I ignored him he got louder and louder until I let him out. I miss him so, he was one of a kind with the softest fur and the sweetest purrrrr. Wait for me Rainy at the Rainbow bridge and we'll see each other again my buddy.


Beth said...

I am so very sorry!

Anonymous said...

Oh Granny, I am so very sorry to hear about Rainy's passing. He sounds like he was a wonderful friend to you, and I'm sure he appreciated all the love and tender care you gave him. Thinking of and praying for you much, sweetie -- you've sure had more than your share of heartache lately. Much love!

Robin said...

So sorry to hear this, Jeanine. You are in my prayers.