Friday, May 21, 2010

Break Time oh and the winner is!

I could say it's Friday but in my world of retirement most days are all the same except right now their getting tougher and tougher.  Making cards are my release and I haven't had time lately until today when I shipped off Granny Charlotte's Blog Candy and then came home to make a few cards.  I also need to work on my tutorial for the Blog Hop on OWH next Saturday.  Well this card I made today was a snap I used K & Co. HM Specialty paper Simple PAZ.  and a embroidered flower.  The verse is one of my favorites.

Before I forget I did the drawing tonight at 9 PM and 2 Happy Stampers won the Spellbinder dies you have until May 27th to contact me,  please send me your address and I'll have them in the mail as soon as possible.

Unfortunately Mom is having some really bad days lately.  She's up at all hours of the night lately so that means I'm awake most of the night.  She is totally confused about almost everything, she is scared of everything she can't get dressed because she doesn't know where her clothes are and she refuses to talk because she says she can't remember words.  I've never deal with this before and I'm at a loss for what to do or how to handle it.  I find myself walking away before I lose my temper and talking to God almost constantly because I'm lost and frustrated.   I feel like she's going downhill fast and she is complaining of chest pain, stumbling and when I took her to the doctor on Monday she had a bladder infection.  I am so stressed I've decided to take a break from the blog for a few days.  Thank you for letting me vent if your still reading I appreciate your comments that at least lets me know someone is listening to me. 
I'll be back on Monday hopefully in better spirits.


Sandy said...

Bless your heart Granny! I'm so sorry about your mom. We don't function well without sleep so this can't be good for either one of you. Did the doctor have any thoughts about this change in her? Take care of yourself!

GrannyCharlotte said...

Jeanine: I hope things improve for you and your Mom. I love this card. The flower really sets off the card and the verse is great. TFS.
You will be in my prayers today. Hope things get better soon.

Robin said...

The card is lovely - especially like the crocheted flower - a very nice touch. You're in my prayers regarding dealing with your Mom. Caring for an elderly parent is tough. Hang in there. Hopefully the Dr will recommend something that will help both of you.

Moose Ridge said...

prayers are all I have to offer, but you have them...