Saturday, April 30, 2016

Selling off a ..............

Hi there, I need to clean my Studio out.  It has been a catch all since the Tornado 5 years ago.  I'm still buying, still making cards and still enjoying the craft but it looks like a war zone in that room and now my dining area.  I need to pair down and get rid of stuff that I never use if I'm going to move into Georgia and RV full-time.
Just before I left for Florida last year I had new carpet put in and new upholstery.  Bad move on my part because I got Tucker Dec. 23rd and he was only 8 weeks old.  He is the most stubborn dog I have ever met, he didn't think the Potty Pad was for pee pee, Pooping was always done in the same spot. Needless to say before I leave this summer the carpet will be shampoo'd and between Jake & Tucker  and me,  I will be the dominate one, the boss, the leader!
Gosh I leave in less than 45 days to go to Wisconsin, Indiana, and the Pigeon Forge.  I'm excited it will be the most driving I've done in forever. Over a thousand miles to Diane's, then down to the F.R.O.G. Rally in Goshen, In. after that I will drive down through Kentucky and attend a 3 day Birthday Card Club Retreat. I am so excited woo hoo!!!!
Ok anyway trying to keep this sale thing straight and on two Internet boards and the postage, oh that is such a joke then packing it and shipping.  I'm bushed and I haven't made a card in days so........ hang in there with me I'll have a card posted this week I promise.

OH OH OH the big news is my Second Great Grandson was born Thursday 5 weeks early.  After much praying and thoughts Kaiden is still in NICU but he's looking real good and has big feet just like Big Brother Karson.  God Bless you all.

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