Thursday, April 7, 2016

Contest Entry for Sizzix

Lord have mercy on me I've once again let my followers down by not following thru with some posts.  I have just been in another world for so long.  I haven't crafted but sporadically for the past year.  Oh but I still buy stamping stuff and then I'll sit down and make cards or play with my new toys for a few days then blam I fall off again.  What is wrong with me?  Why can't I stay on a straight path and quit being so wishy washy?  Could it be that my mind, body and heck I don't know what else will be 70 that's seventy years old in less than 7 days.  The Lord has blessed me so very much and I thank my almighty maker everyday I'm on this earth for the good & bad.  I can only say I'll try to be a better person to my followers by blogging at least once a week and Lord willing and the creek don't dry I'll put it on my calendar and phone to alert me to this promise for all of you.

Now this is a few of my latest creations.  Thanks for Head Gamez, Joey French and Linda Silvers for selling my cards at their shop I always get requests for special cards.  This past Christmas Joey contacted me in Florida with a request for 40 more Christmas cards for special patrons.  Now they asked me to make lots of butterfly cards and sympathy cards.  Well anyone that knows me knows I love butterflies (I actually have one on the side of my RV and loads more inside).  Every chance I get I stop by butterfly farms, museums and such I LOVE BUTTERFLIES.  I even believe that my Daddy visits me regularly in the hue of a pale yellow butterfly.
 This is SU card stock, embossing folder and Sizzix & Su butterfly dies all on confetti white cardstock.  Very plain but very dramatic.
 This again is SU cardstock, a Sizzix embossing folder and a Sizzix tree die cut.  
Lastly is SU cardstock with Very vanilla and black. the stamp is Angel Company and SU embossing powder in gold.  Now I will be the first to say some of my stuff is unmarked so I don't know if it's Tonic, Sizzix, SU or who and when that happens I will explain it my age has made my mind spongy something I am not proud of but an old dog can learn new tricks.  Now I'm off to play with my Mini Misti that I just got in the mail.  Till another day, God Bless you all.

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