Sunday, May 3, 2015

Everyone needs encouragement.  It's the opposite of bullying or hurting.
someone's feelings yet it gives them a sense of hope.  Isn't that a good feeling to have inside yourself?  I'm the kind of person that needs encouragement I need to know I'm doing the right thing and I would hope that I convey that to others each day of my life.  Put yourself the word I in this verse 1 Corinthians 13:4-6, I put myself in there and realize I have a lot more to learn about myself.


That's why I like to make these encouragement cards for others when their feeling down, undecided, lonely, or just lost in the moment.  Make it a point to

always compliment someone no matter how little it will mean the world to them that you thought something special of them.  I know these might be silly ideas but they sure mean a lot to me when someone compliments me on my hair, my eyes, my shirt or my cards.  Always remember to 'Pay it Forward', God Bless.

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sas44 said...

These are both such beautiful cards. I made a bunch of cards last week to send my last box to OWH. Will miss making them for OWH.