Thursday, April 30, 2015

 Don't you just see the neighbor sitting in the sun in Florida with his puppy by his side sippin a ice tea and soakin up the rays?  I love this stamp set is Art Impressions and I am always getting request for handmade post cards or greeting cards for RVing or camping so this stamp set is perfect.
This next one is just cardstock layered with fishing stickers attached because I have a huge fan base of fishermen and the wives love to give their men cards.

While I'm on the road I make cards, sell cards for $1 each and I give haircuts to men & women for a donation.  That way I have a little stash to buy me something great someday.  I'm also know to give my cards away as Thank you packs just because someone did something special for me or touch me with their smile.  I'm a big supporter of the 'Pay it Forward' concept and I hope each and everyone of you will try it, the happiness it brings me is priceless.

Have a great day and remember to SMILE at someone, they'll like it and it will start to fill your heart with so much.    God Bless

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