Thursday, March 22, 2012

To warm for Cocoa

The weather here has been so beautiful I've just been hangin out on my new sun room reading James Patterson books. I think I've read about 25 in the past two months. I get into spurts where I read all the time then I finish a book and I'm done reading for a few weeks or even months. I have been busy with my grandson Ryan as he's making a 8 inch scrapbook for his girlfriends birthday, so I gather everything for the page and he puts it all together so he really can say he made it. It's so fun to have the grandkids over here even if they are 22 and 20. I missed so much of their childhood sometimes its hard to connect but when we do its so much fun.
I made the card above last Monday while cleaning up the Studio, heck all I did was stack stuff on the floor to clear a place for Ry to sit but it made me want to make a card since I have about 100 colored images and probably 500 uncolored images just waiting to be used. I used K & Company brown paper, sponged on the cup ran a piece of cardstock thru the (do you ever have one of those moments where your mind goes blank as to what you used?) Brayer to ripple the heat protector and added some cute ribbon I've had for at least 5 years. Anyway I'll be down in the studio working for the next few days making more pages for Ry to work on when his next day off comes around.
Take care and have a great week hopefully I'll remember to check in again real soon with pictures of the album. Hugs, Jeanine


Sandy said...

I love everything about this card but I'm a huge coffee lover and always looking for stamps and ideas with this theme. I love that you made your belly band with teh butterflies and I also love the ribbon that has the coffee words and beans on it. The sentiment works perfectly. GREAT Card!!! I always enjoy seeing what you've made.

Sandy said...

Where, Oh Where have your pretty cards gone? Praying for you and thinking about you. Hope you are doing well.

shamraiz said...

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Jai said...

It's inspiring that you started a bucket list after you retired. I love your cards, I like to scrapbook and make cards as well. Keep going with your bucket list, good luck, you will have a blast at disney world, and I've heard the Panama Canal is very interesting!