Monday, July 20, 2009

Weeds, Weeds & Tomato's

My first tomato of the year, wow I'm not crafting I'm gardening. Yuck I hate gardening maybe if I had a raised flower bed but I don't so I sit down on the steps then I scoot down the sidewalk and twist to pull weeds. Thankfully my brother planted these back on June 6th while I was cruising Alaska. Anyway this weekend I was the goodie two shoes and I cleaned house, enjoyed my new bed Temperpedic, laundry, lawn work and weedeating. I'm dying and my back hates all the twisting and turning but I'm done. I realized today that this is a different type of tomato plant because of all the clusters on it but my brother didn't leave the label so.......... but I do believe there are about 6 of these clusters on this bush but no weeds in the flower bed where he planted these tomato plants.
Well tomorrow I'll be back to normal and I will be making a few cards so I will post something. I'm still working on the slideshow thingy can not get it small enough to fit and look good but I'll busy working on this.
God bless you all, my thoughts and prayers go out to all my stampin buddies.


Deedee Anderson said...

Congrats on your first tomato, Jeanine -- it's a gorgeous one! Out of all that we planted this year, only one survived. So far, it produced one tiny tomato, and now the plant seems to be withering. I'm glad you are being able to get out and move a bit, but don't overdo it -- we want you healthy and happy! HUGS!

vicki said...

I want some!!
--your grateful daughter--

Sandy said...

I love tomatoes and you're doing great.

Can't wait to see what you stamped!