Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Port Richey, Florida Ja-Mar RV Resort

Yep there are three little 4 foot crocks in the pond so my brother isn't fishing much here in Port Richey, Fl.  Actually the weather has been cool and very windy so we haven't been to the pool at all.  The last two nights the storms have been so bad I just huddled in bed, scared me so bad I was ready to pack it in and go somewhere safe.  I can't believe I've been here since Nov. 22nd the time is flying and it seems like we're busy all the time.
Today we left at 10:00 AM to go to a beach, isn't it funny that beach and ocean park are two different things.  After driving over 50miles we finally asked a EMS Supervisor about a beach where we could walk in the sand.  Although Ann (Bob's wife) still isn't feeling good she went along but the 30 mph winds made it impossible to walk very far.  We finally found a beautiful beach with its own peninsula called Howard Park in Tarpon Springs.

The time is flying down here, I can't believe I have been gone over 2 months.  It sure has given me time to reflect and try to find myself again.  I realize that by wanting and expecting people to care about me I have driven them away, so I need to be myself and respect their life also.  So enjoy the crock pictures and until tomorrow remember to 'Pay it Forward'.  Hugs from sunny Port Richey, Florida.

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