Sunday, May 17, 2009

First of First posts! Woo Hoo !!

Wow I've been so busy with creating cards now that I'm Copic Certified I bet I have 50 images done and decided yesterday to pull out some cardstock and make a few cards. Four hours later I must have done 12 cards and I was on a roll. When I color the images I write the colors down on the back of the image....guess what, I forgot to take those Copic numbers and write them on something else so it looks like I'm not starting out on the right foot. Well I'll try to do better from this day forward I promise. I don't promise to post every day but I do plan to let you see all my stuff when I get a chance. So until next time be safe.


micki said...

May 17th????? Granny, your blog rocks! It looks awesome!!! My mouth dropped as I was scrolling down because I expected maybe 1 or 2 posts and then I find not 1 but several posts and all the awesome cards and pics. LOL, oh I'm so happy to see you in cyberworld with your own blog. I'll be adding your link to my sidebar :-)
love ya

Anonymous said...

This is the same thing I was thinking.. you've had this blog for a while now before you shared it with us.Over a amonth!

Anonymous said...

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